Reader's Choice

Beginning Reading Practices

Building Reading and Vocabulary Strategies




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Silberstein, et. al.

Univ. of Michigan Press



From the disturbing story The Lottery to poetry, classified ads and road maps, this reading book offers dozens of choices in the world of reading! The 15 units of carefully selected readings include a wide variety of exercises focused on practice in skimming and scanning, reading carefully and drawing inferences, and prediction. Each reading selection has a composition focus as well. The activities can be used in any order. Whether it's technical prose or a suspense-filled thriller, reading takes on a whole new chain of choices! This thoroughly revised edition of an old favorite continues to champion the theory that proficient reading requires the reader to select the proper skills and strategies to solve each reading problem. The sections in this volume help students become independent, efficient readers by providing intensive language-based reading practice, realistic literacy tasks based on the use of authentic reading passages, and texts and tasks that stretch and challenge students in meaningful ways. New highlights of the 4th edition include visual literacy activities that develop students' strategies for making sense of combinations of text and graphics, Web work that asks students to evaluate online information, new readings on current topics such as genetic engineering, and additional vocabulary items.