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Interchange Intro

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Jack C. Richards

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Whether it's the environment, your fitness routine, an addiction to Star Wars, or the differences Lady Diana made, there is something for everyone to "interchange" in this new edition of the best-selling program! Fresh, new high-interest topics are just the beginning of what makes this series sizzling hot! The second edition offers real-world information, beautiful new illustrations and photos, two conversations in every one of the 16 units of each book, tons of listening and discussion tasks, expanded writing guidance, and comprehensive grammar practice. That's not to mention all the other characteristics that made the first edition popular around the world! Make the "change" to Interchange today!


Each six-page unit in the workbooks has the same teaching sequence as the student's books. Focus on developing proficiency with grammar, reading, writing, spelling, and vocabulary. Easy use in class or at home!

Teacher's Guide:

Full-color, spiral-bound teacher's editions are splashed with page-by-page instructions interleaved with full-size reproductions of the student's book pages. There's detailed suggestions on teaching each activity, answer keys, tapescripts, suggestions for optional activities, and photocopiable tests.

Audio Program (Cassettes or CDs):

Offers conversations, grammar focus frames, listening activities, and pronunciation practice from the student's books. All recordings are in natural, conversational English. The class audio material contains all the recordings for the corresponding student book. The student audio material contains all the student book recordings except Part B in the Conversation exercises.


The CD-ROMs offer a wealth of self-study activities. They contain 16 units and are designed to be used alongside the student's book to review and practice the language learned in class. Windows or Macintosh format. See separate listing for details.

Lab Cassettes/Guide:

Great for additional practice, the lab cassettes and guide can be used in a language laboratory, in the classroom, or at home for self-study.

Placement and Evaluation Package (New Interchange/Passage):

Contains a placement test and four review tests and midterm/ final exams for each level. Includes a cassette for listening sections. All tests are photocopiable.

Teacher Training Video:

Get a thorough introduction to New Interchange through the step-by-step teacher training video! It features footage from real classrooms, informative interviews with teachers, and answers to frequently asked questions. Includes a manual of photocopiable activities and teacher training suggestions.

Key to the Levels

Intro Level :

The alphabet, colors, time, transportation, health, locations. Possessive adjectives, plurals, present continuous, present, future, prepositions, past.

Level 1 :

Introductions, shopping, likes/dislikes, past experiences, future plans. Present, present continuous, adverbs, past, present perfect, comparatives, future.

Level 2 :

Memories, lifestyle changes, going places, making requests, interpreting body language. Past vs. present perfect, two-part verbs, infinitives, conditionals, passive, past continuous, modals, adverbs.

Level 3 :

Giving opinions, expressing emotions, describing problems. Gerund phrases, past perfect, past participles, infinitive clauses, past and passive modals, complex noun phrases, review of present perfect, future perfect. See separate listing for video components.
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