Speaking Tasks

  1. Introduce yourself to a partner Have a short conversation Close the conversation politely

  2. Start a conversation with a person you haven't seen for a while Respond appropriately to good news or bad news Ask questions to get more information

  3. Ask your partner for advice Listen to advice/suggestions Respond to advice/suggestions

  4. Give your partner advice Make suggestions Respond to his/her concerns

  5. Give your opinion on a particular course of action Support your opinion

  6. Ask yes/no questions Respond to yes/no questions appropriately

  7. Make invitations and offers Respond positively or negatively (but politely)

  8. Make requests Respond positively or negatively (but politely)

  9. Explore the pros and cons of an issue Discuss your opinions in detail

  10. Choose the best option for a course of action Tell why your choice is better than the alternatives