Situations: Making Plans for the Weekend

Speaking Situations: Making Plans for the Weekend

Conversation Practice

When making plans with someone else, it is polite to ask about the other person's time and availability.

For example,

Are you free this Friday?

What are you doing this weekend?

Are you busy tonight?

Do you have time after class?

Positive responses (interest and availability)

Sure! Do you want to do something?

I'm free all weekend.

I'm open this evening.

I don't have anything scheduled.

Negative responses (non-interest or non-availability)

Sorry, I have plans this weekend.

I'm going to (Las Vegas) with (my friends).

Unfortunately not. I have something else scheduled.

Not really. (I'm kind of busy tonight.)

To indicate interest, but temporary non-availability

I'm not free on Friday, but I do have time Saturday.

I'm going to be out of town, but I'll be back next weekend.

I have something planned. How about tomorrow?

I'm busy today. How about some other time?

Once you have determined that the other person has time and interest, suggest an activity.

Do you want to (wanna) go to a movie?

How about having dinner together?

There's a concert at the Galivan Center. Want to go?

Why don't we go bowling?

Possible responses

Sounds good.

Good idea.

That would be fun/great.

When/where should we meet?

1. Practice finding out if your partner is free, then asking him/her to do something with you.

2. Practice giving both positive and negative responses. Include details to make it more interesting.

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Textbook : New Interchange 1, Chapter 15, English Knowhow, Book 1, Chapter 3