Study Hints

Further education shouldn't just be about searching for student loans and being concerned about debt accumulation. College or university is about studying and gaining life and learning experience, and yes, the focus on getting the best grades. Yet what if there is an easier way to get better grades? Getting the highest results for your exams, papers and tests doesn't need to be so arduous, according to several studies of learning and language study programs.

For instance, the learning of Esperanto, the world's most widely-used international constructed language, is reported to be of great benefit to any student wishing to learn a new language. Studies completed across the United States, Finland, New Zealand, the United Kingdom, Hungary and Australia have concluded that one year of learning Esperantoequates to six to seven years of normal linguistic study of European national languages. Despite the fact that Esperanto has been constructed not to genealogically relate to any ethnic language, it resembles western Indo-European languages. This is how it aids further linguistic study, as the phonemes are closely related to Slavic languages and the vocabulary to Romance languages, with contributions from Germanic languages. The script is Latin influenced, with a few modifications to create a 28 character alphabet.

Another option for students is to focus directly on the desired target language and take a study abroad program. Concentrate on your Italian with an Italian course Italy, work on your French in style with a French course France or get back to the heart of the languages with an English course England or Spanish course Spain. Where a language is spoken in multiple countries, it's also interesting to get a little creative with your studies and take, for instance, aGerman course Switzerland to appreciate all that mountain life has to offer whilst improving your German at the same time.

There's always a better way to get ahead with your studies, and studying a language is no exception. Dabble with Esperanto or discover your language in its native context; there are plenty of options out there for students serious about their studies.