Talk about favorite sports

Talk about favorite sports

Hello Dward,

Thank you for replying, it is very nice to hear from you.

Tai Chi and Qigong are what I enjoy most in my life.

I teach 5 classes a week in a small country town in a beautiful part of Australia called Byron Bay in the state of New South Wales.

If you check a map you will see I am just below the border of Queensland on the East coast.

Byron Bay is the most easterly place in Australia.

We have a subtropical climate and I live near a surf beach so I can practice outside in my garden or on the beach most days.

I attend seminars and workshops with other teachers around Australia and I do enjoy You Tube for studying Tai Chi experts in other countries.

I have visited China 3 times so far, twice to Shanghai where I practised on The Bund with local people and once with my tai chi teacher who took a group of us on a wonderful tour, including a cruise down the Yangtze river.

I do love China and the friendly Chinese people.

If I get to China again it would be good to visit your classes and you are very welcome to visit mine in sunny Byron Bay.