Talk about Tai Chi in English

Dear Master Chan,

Thanks for your great website consisting of information shared for people about tai chi and the benefits of it to the people's health.

From the information that you shared, i noticed that you have practiced taichi for at least more than 25 years. I greatly admire your experience and knowledge shared to us. I'm in my early 30s, from Malaysia, would enquire that if tai chi can truly be learned and understood the essense of it thru learning online? How are we going to feel the inner body movement and correct breathing if the beginners are not taught the correct steps? If i want to learn the true tai chi (the root of tai chi) how and where should i begin with?

For your information, the practice of martial arts in Malaysia has been declining. It is not easy to find a true master/teacher that can guide us the authentic way of taichi. I've been practicing Hsing-I for the past two years, but hardly master the forms without much resources available in malaysia.

I hope you can highlight the few concerns over here. Thanks again for your information and your great website.