A Night out in Newcastle

A Night out in Newcastle

Level - intermediate and above

Reading can sometimes be a very solitary experience and many teachers prefer to get students to do it at home, but with the right kind of text and the right tasks, reading can be turned into a fun, collaborative and communicative experience. This lesson exploits an authentic text taken from a British Council 'UKinfocus' website and has a range of quite simple tasks that students work through in groups. There are also a range of suggestions for follow up tasks.

Plan components

Lesson Plan: - guide for teacher on procedure including answers to tasks.

Download lesson plan 74k pdf Worksheets: - exercises which can be printed out for use in class. The worksheet contains:

  • Pre-reading
  • Jigsaw reading task
  • Collaborative comprehension task
  • Vocabulary development task
  • Discussion task

    Download worksheets 65k pdf

    Audio - the complete text

    Note: The audio is not essential for the lesson but you may like to use it in class as an optional element.

    913Kb Mp3 - Newcastle

    To download audio, right click on audio file in the Attachment below and save to your computer.

    For more information about this topic you can visit these BBC and British Council sites:-


    Nik Peachey, teacher, trainer and materials writer, British Council

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