travel to china

Dear Lihua,

How I would love to visit one of the great masters in China.

I  know a teacher here, Gary Khor, who recently took a group of students to Wudong mountain.

He has given me a couple of DVD’s from there and I have learned a lot from them.

My 5 classes a week are varied. One class is in a retirement village for older people, for this class we do Shibashi. The other classes are younger so we practice Yang style tai chi.

I first learned Tai Chi way back in 1988 with Gary Khor. I have had several teachers since then and have also studied Cheng Man Ching style and various forms of Qi Gong.

We are a tai chi family, my husband Greg started learning 12 months ago and now works with me.

My children and grandchildren (yes, I am a grandmother) have been practising since they were small children.

Tai Chi is very popular here, thousands of people must have learned it over the last 40 years.

We are lucky here in Australia as we have people who were born in many different countries and they have brought customs and cooking from around the world, so Chinese culture like all the others is readily accepted and Chinese people have been here since the first settlement in the 1700’s.

My own ancestors are from Scotland, Wales, England, Spain and France, I am 4th generation Australian and Greg’s family are from Ireland, he is 2nd generation.

Please tell me more about yourself and your classes.



Hi Sandie,
I am so excited heard from you.
Yes, most of chinese are very friendly. Shang hai is amazing city in china, and Yangtze is the longest river of china.also china have many many great place. maybe you should visit again and again. I like travel but due to my english is not good, so most of time stay in china.
you teach 5 classes a week, that's great. how many peaple learn tai chi in your country?  if i have a free time, i will visit there. how long have you learn tai chi and qi gong?  in china have many style of other kung fu,if you are interesting you can search on the internet. china have many real master lived in the mountain, just a few people can see them.
I search Byron Bay using google map, i think there is a great place. now in our country it's winner season. welcome to china.
Keeping touch and good luch for you.

Best Regards