Academic Vocabulary Exercise 17

Academic Vocabulary - Exercise 17

Enter the letter into the box from the word that matches the following definitions.

1. a plan for a business meeting a. adopt
2. a tank for tropical fish b. agenda
3. absurd, silly, nonsensical c. aquarium
4. adornments made of gold, silver or precious stones d. autograph
5. burst or explode like a volcano e. carpenter
6. dead, passed away f. clinic
7. distance from center to outside of a circle g. collision
8. hitting with force, as in a car crash h. deceased
9. full-time or live-in baby sitter i. dilemma
10. inability to sleep or remain sleeping j. erupt
11. items for sale at a store k. insomnia
12. means of transportation, usually a car or truck l. jewelry
13. person one is married to; husband or wife m. merchandise
14. person who makes things from wood n. nanny
15. place for medical treatment, smaller than a hospital o. radius
16. sharp tool used for shaving p. razor
17. signature, usually of a famous person q. ridiculous
18. take and raise someone else's child as one's own r. shelter
19. situation or problem with difficult solution s. spouse
20. something that protects you from weather; housing t. vehicle