Academic Vocabulary Exercise 1

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Academic Vocabulary - Exercise 1

Enter the letter into the box from the word that matches the following definitions.

1. someone who sells things a. alley
2. a general name for "cows" b. appetite
3. skinny; thin c. boast
4. huge, large, enormous d. cattle
5. without covering or clothing e. drudgery
6. on the whole f. dull
7. improve the quality of something g. entirely
8. wander, walk around without direction h. gigantic
9. desire to eat i. goofy
10. upset, very mad j. hatch
11. funny, silly k. naked
12. boring, not exciting; not bright or sharp l. outraged
13. have difficulty doing something; fight m. outskirts
14. break out of an egg n. peddler
15. brag; say great things about yourself o. portion
16. get bigger, enlarge p. roam
17. small part or section q. slim
18. the suburbs, area around a city r. struggle
19. a narrow passageway or street s. swell
20. hard, uninteresting labor t. upgrade