Academic Vocabulary Exercise 6

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Academic Vocabulary - Exercise 6

Enter the letter into the box from the word that matches the following definitions.

1. to make the quality of something worse a. bake
2. to lay or bend something over upon itself b. barrel
3. a grainy type of soil found on beaches c. bat
4. to be under obligation or indebted to someone d. chew
5. to cover with paper, cloth, or plastic e. fold
6. to compress; press closely, usually for extracting juice f. hanger
7. a small, furry mammal which flies at night g. log
8. to move food or drinks down the throat h. melt
9. a device upon which clothing is hung i. owe
10. open the mouth in an expression of sleepiness j. rinse
11. to immerse or drench in water or other liquid k. sand
12. to cook in an oven l. sheet
13. a large thin cloth which can be spread on a bed m. soak
14. to reduce from a solid to a liquid by heat n. spill
15. to cut and grind with the teeth o. spoil
16. a fallen tree trunk or bulky piece of timber p. squeeze
17. to allow something to fall or run out of a vessel or container q. swallow
18. to move back and forth, sway r. swing
19. to cleanse with water after washing with soap s. wrap
20. a large round container used for holding great amounts of liquid t. yawn